The Founders:


Ka / Catalin Morosan

He is passionate about Android and about technology that brings value to humanity as a whole. In his spare time, he dances tango and likes to contemplate existence.


Find out his day by day opinions on Twitter: @kaciula


JJ / Andrei Blaj

JJ has fallen in love with iOS development. He is also interested in computer vision and machine learning.
When he is not coding, you can find him skiing or kitesurfing.


Check out his stuff on Twitter: @andreiblaj

The Collaborators:


Madalin Craciun

Madalin loves to create mobile user interfaces. He is involved in the creation and development of Haute.


Mateo / Mihai Iova

Mateo is an UI&UX specialist. He was involved in the creation and development of Real Colors.


Geo / Georgiana Neculau

Georgiana is passionate about sociology and people. She manages the community around Real Colors.


Radu Vrabie

Radu is passionate about people and marketing. He looks after the community around Conscious.